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Design Online (starting at $295)

  • Send your photos/videos/dimensions

  • Let’s chat goals, sensibilities, quirks, budget, timeline

  • Revitalization Plan is prepared and sent to you

  • Coalescence Call – an hour reserved for questions around your implementation 

Inspiration Conversation ($150)

Get inspired, explore possibilities and brainstorm with designer. This 2-hour walkthrough meeting (in-person or virtual) illuminates the pathways toward your revitalized space.

Design w/In-Person Installation (starting at $495)

Steps 1-3 plus designer implementation (LA only)

Organization ($80 hourly)

 Your stuff is systemless or simply too much. We help.

Product Procurement ($60)

You just need the perfect piece but aren’t sure what it is, where to find it, or how to get it made. Explain. Receive.


Tel: 347-370-9567

Los Angeles, CA 

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