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Every moment, change persists.

Memories from merely several months past quickly become elusive treasures.

The capture of these treasures we consider a sacred process and a gift for the ages we are always honored to give.

Connect with us below to schedule yours.


Book now for unique images that celebrate your family in all of its irreplicable splendor. Package includes:

  • 45 minutes

  • 30-40 images

  • preparation & planning

  • location scouting

  • full set of edited high-res digital images

  • photos shared via online proof gallery 







No-Shun Portraits are designed to inspire self-love and pride, as we compose a compelling visual story around features historically shunned or consciously concealed by our subjects, dispelling toxic notions around ideals of beauty. That least celebrated trait of yours...let's put it on the wall.


You provide the feature. The Archtivist's Life comes to you. We shoot, you shine.


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Let’s Make Memories 


Tel: 347-370-9567

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